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Almost 80% of Americans use some form of an online resource to look for a job.

Digital Recruiting tactics are efficient, targeted, and effective. Exults can assist you in generating a high volume of applicants interested in learning more about your open positions by implementing an engaging Careers section on your website, and then advertising open positions with Social Ads, Search Ads, Social Media, Digital PR tactics, syndicating Press Releases, and Job Postings on appropriate sites help to generate even more impressions.

Use social advertising to drive interest

Meeting applicants where they’re spending their free time creates a direct connection and makes a stronger impression on candidates. Using targeted ads on Facebook’s network of 3 billion global users expands your reach exponentially and puts your brand in front of candidates that may not have seen your open positions otherwise. With a user base of that size, Facebook’s organic reach serves a broad audience.

We utlilize social ads to generate brand impressions coupled with engaging posts to create a meaningful connection with suitable candidates.

Attract applicants with an appealing Career section on your website

In a highly competitive hiring market, an engaging and informative Careers section is essential. Improve the visibility of open positions on the search engines, create more brand awareness, and appeal to candidates seeking a clear picture of your business prior to applying by focusing on what matters to candidates directly on your website.

Exults will work with you to highlight the unique aspects of your company including employee benefits, spiffs, and workplace culture to give candidates the information they need and get them excited about the potential to work for your business. With an attractive, robust Careers section, organizations can gain the attention of high-quality candidates and likely achieve a high conversion rate of applications.

Build rapport with applicants through company messaging

Understanding the audience you’re looking to reach will guide the messaging of recruiting collateral. For example, Millennial and Gen Z candidates want to engage and learn about brands they are considering working with.

Companies can also build rapport with candidates by leveraging social media to highlight culture. Using social media to showcase what the people already working at your company enjoy about their jobs helps increase the number of applicants. It also showcases a company’s affinity to treat their workforce like people and not assets.

Case Studies

By showcasing real team members, highlighting benefits, and creating an online job portal we were able to develop a centralized recruiting platform for Upchurch Management that generated applications from Facebook and Instagram resulting in over a million impressions, over 250,000 reaches, and over 350 applications received.

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